We are always available for your questions. The following are some of the more frequently asked questions.

No, as long as your gate is unlocked and pets are inside. If you have one of our many outdoor services (ex. insect, rodent, mosquito, mole control) our technician can perform your service.
Much of the application area around your home is protected from the weather by your eaves. Keep in mind that our service plans are guaranteed, so if there is a problem simply let us know.
The products used will vary depending on the type of pest being controlled, as well as other factors. All products used are EPA registered and applied by state certified technicians.
This is totally normal. After insects are exposed to the treatment area it takes some time for them to die.
Yes. It is very important to stick with your service plan/schedule to achieve the desired results. As you know, our temps in Southwest Michigan change frequently. It may be cold right now, but with the materials in place, we’ll be ready and waiting when the bugs arrive.
Each home and property is unique and we customize each service plan to successfully treat your pests. You may contact us any time for a quote; this can most often be done easily over the phone.
While no company can guarantee you’ll never see a pest again, we can promise that help is just a call away. If you have a service plan with us additional services are included as needed.