Tick Control

Ticks are dangerous insects that can cause various illnesses in people and pets, including Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. West Michigan's shoreline has seen a dramatic increase in tick activity over the past several years, with Van Buren County having one of the highest tick counts. (Yes, there are actually biologists and students that go out and count them!) Areas with dune grass have especially high numbers.

Treatment Plans

Ticks are most active in early Spring through the Summer months, so the best treatment plans start early in the season. We can provide a treatment strategy to kill ticks on your property and those that may be invading from adjacent areas. This treatment is similar to a mosquito control application and many customers will have us bundle the two together, which not only provides excellent control, but a cost savings as well. If you are looking for tick control treatment in Saugatuck, St. Joseph, Holland, MI and the surround areas.